"The Center For Disease Control

is predicting that there are 70 MILLION Arthritis sufferers in America alone, with very few getting the kind of relief necessary to live pain free lives... even on medication!"

Having to live in continuous pain is no joke. Just ask anyone who suffers from any form of arthritis.


Even the mildest of symptoms can be life-changing. Stiff joints cause pain with every movement. Lifting, bending, turning and even touching has to be carried out with care.


There is nothing more debilitating, annoying and totally frustrating than arthritis. All you want to do is to be able to move and do the things most other people take for granted.


Years of study and research have been spent on learning about this condition, yet we are no closer to a cure. It has become the biggest cause of disability in people over 55 in the Western world.


In fact it can strike at any age and in general will progressively worsen with time. Short term relief is all the medical profession can offer by way of medication. But is this doing you any good in the long term?


If you suffer from this condition, have you ever wondered whether there was another way to treat it? Well, we don't proclaim to have any miracle cure but what we can offer you is some alternatives to drugs.


If you've tried everything else and it all seems to fail at relieving your pain, or the drugs you take make you feel worse, then consider these options.


We have put together 2 well researched books, which include many tried and tested remedies that have worked to relieve pain for others.


Within the pages of these books you will find detailed explanations of the condition, the different types of arthritis, simple pain management plans, alternative remedies, natural remedies and steps towards eliminating pain completely and living a pain-free life.


Both ebooks are part of one instantly downloadable package, designed to help and guide you through the myriad of myths and mysteries surrounding this most common of ailments.


From understanding the condition to finding a remedy that allows you to enjoy life without harmful medications. This could be just what you are looking for.


Now look forward to a life without drugs!


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This ebook package contains the following 2 ebooks...

Pain relief using natural methods
Harmful side effects are virtually eliminated
Don't need to see a Doctor to get prescribed
Relieving the pain can benefit your health in other ways too!
Save money

Just imagine you may become pain free just by eating Tart Cherries, drinking Green tea, or enjoying the luscious smells of Aromatherapy!


● What exactly is arthritis?

● A complete plan for dealing with arthritis.

● Consult the right physician.

● Incorporate appropriate physical exercise.

● Major healthy changes in diet.

● Using specific lifestyle changes and natural treatments.

● And much, much more.


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